Direct Tech Water Treatment Service

Direct-Tech Solutions provides specialist water treatment services and water treatment systems to a wide variety of clients across London and East Anglia.Our years of experience in this specialist field, together with friendly and highly qualified technical staff allows us to guarantee you a first class service every time.

 Personal, Professional Service

We offer our clients a very personal and professional water treatment service which helps them feel confident that they comply with current best practices and official legislation.We are all highly skilled engineers who have acquired the relevant qualifications for all water treatment services.Whatever your requirement, we will work with you to find the water treatment service that is right for you.

 Why do you need a Water Treatment Service?

Water treatment services are vital in order to reduce both costs to your company and risks to your employees. Poorly treated water can lead to scaling or corrosion, which in turn will have a negative impact on efficiency. Incorrectly treated water can also be a breeding ground for bacterial growth – at best, water can become unsafe to drink and, at worst, Legionnaires’ disease can be a fatal consequence. Within the UK, it is a company’s responsibility to ensure that water in the work place is safe and it is a legal requirement to carry out legionella risk assessments of all industrial water systems

 Legionella Risk Assessment

Read our recently added article on water treatment services and why its so important:Our water hygiene services include legionella risk assessments, onsite monitoring using the latest test equipment, site log books and legionella control regimes.Testing of legionella and other bacteria is always carried out by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.