Legionella Control Regime

Legionella Risk Assessment

The purpose of a legionella risk assessment is to ascertain whether the current control measures being undertaken are adequate to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria proliferating in your water system. A legionella risk assessment is required to conform to the HSE’s HSG274 Part 2 (ACOP L8) by any commercial premises with a water supply that employs or has a duty of care to 1 or more person. It would involve our trained technicians to attend site and record the condition and schematic layout of the water system. The written risk assessment will highlight any areas of risk, grading them allowing the site management to priorities the high risk areas. The legionella risk assessment should be reviewed annually in accordance with HSG274 Part 2.

Legionella Management

Legionella management is when a foreseeable risk of exposure to bacteria has been highlighted by the legionella risk assessment, it is then necessary for the site management to implement controls to mitigate the risk highlighted within that risk assessment. Legionella management is site specific but would normally take the form of a legionella control regime.

Legionella Control Regimes-

Statutory obligations
temperature monitoring
de-scaling and disinfection of shower heads
hot and cold tank inspections
clean and chlorination

All of which should be logged in the onsite log book. We work with our clients to establish an agreed programme of legionella management and provide experience technicians to undertake those legionella control regimes set in place.