RPZ Valve Testing

Direct-Tech Solutions offer the following services:

Commissioning of new RPZ valves

RPZ valve service & maintenance

RPZ valve annual testing including certification

All Water Companies have the responsibility to supply wholesome water under the Water Industry Act 1991. The property owner has the responsibility to ensure that all their water system contain adequate devices to prevent backflow of fluids between potable and non-potable water supplies. RPZ valves can be installed to protect the mains water against possible contamination up to category 4 fluids. An RPZ valve cannot be used on any category 5 water system.

RPZ valves require testing annually; this must be carried out by an Accredited Tester.

Examples of where you will find RPZ Valves fitted to the supply of:-

Food Processing Plants

Swimming Pools


Commercial dishwashing facilities

Car washing facilities

Printing & Photographic plants

Large heating systems of more than 45kw.

Hospitals and Health Centres

Jet washing

Airport de-icing plants

A certificate will be produced following installation, commissioning and the annual on-site test required by your local water authority.